Study Abroad

 Applying for studies abroad is a crucial decision as such we do not limit our counseling just to the right country and university choice, but extend it to help you make the right 'career decision'.

There are umpteen top ranking universities worldwide. To narrow down the list to those of the top priority suitable to your profile becomes an arduous task. Here's where our educational counselors play a vital role. Our Admission Advisors who're proficient in profile analysis will assist you in short listing the options relevant to your profile and preferences by taking into consideration your educational background and career objectives. We do study with pathway programs in India as well as abroad

  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Mauritius

Singapore we offering world class education with Internship programs as well short term courses and long term courses


We are Authorized Representative in Singapore with 

 Academies Australian college Singapore

  1. Trinity International College
  2. Teg International College
  3. Baking Industry Training College  
  4. SDH Institute of Management 
  5. Beacon International College
  6. FTMS Global Academy 
  7. Kingston International School

 Courses are..

We help to provide admission in  

  1. Professional certificate in retail and sales management 3+3
  1. Professional certificate in hospitality and operation (3+3) 
  1. Professional certificate in engineering and project management (3+3) 
  1. Diploma in business and retail management (6+6) 
  1. Diploma in international hospitality management (6+6) 
  1. Higher diploma in international hospitality and tourism management (6+6) 
  1. Diploma in information technology (12 months after that 2 years course Bachelor of information system in Australia in western Sydney University) 
  1. Diploma in hospitality management (Patisserie & Baking) 6+6 (6 months study +6 months Job) 
  1. Diploma in hospitality management (cafe operation) 6 months study + 6 months job  
  1. Diploma in hospitality (Cafe operation) 6 months study + 6 months job  
  1. Advance diploma in hospitality (Cafe management) 9+6  9 months study+ 6 months job  
  1. Postgraduate diploma in hospitality (Cafe management) 9+6 
  1. Diploma in hospitality management  (6 months study +6 months job) 
  1. Diploma in hospitality operation. ( 6 months study+6 months job ) 
  1. Diploma in hospitality and tourism management  ( 6 months study +6 months job  
  1. MBA in hotel management

12 months study +6 months job) (100% placements after complete)


Study and Earn In Malaysia  

Study 1 Month only and Get 11 Months Paid Internship...Hospitality program 


       Only 1 Month Study 


     11 Months Paid Internship




 ➖Salary During Internship:

         22,000 - 30,000 INR Min.


After internship get work permit in Malaysia 



1 Year Study with Internship

(Course Should Be Completed)


 PR Option after Study**

 Study in Cyber Island

 100% Visa Ratio

10th Pass can also Apply                                                                                  

Hurry up for admissions Mauritius

  • 2 Years Work Permit
  • 4 Years Stay Get PR